museo etnografico luigi cocco

At the end of 2009 I designed the visual identity for a museum of traditional Sardinian textiles named after its founder, Luigi Cocco. The museum was opened in 2010. The COCCO logo incorporates crafts motifs and develops them like a carpet on the catalog cover (1), on the invitation card (2) and on the entrance ensign (3).


asili_16wIMG_0049 r

arst, sardinia’s public transport company

This logo won the competition for the symbol of Arst, Sardinia’s public transport company. The logo was adapted to a series of applications (1. bus paint main scheme, 2. other vehicles, 3. bus stop signage, 4. service vehicles) that enhance corporate identity. It was inspired by a connection between the shapes of the houses in the ancient nuraghic villages and the standard scheme of a generic step-by-step trip, as those shown in bus or subway maps and signage. From this logo generated, one year after, the metrocagliari logo



IMG_6069rnuraghe_baruminilondon map