l’ingegnere italiano

L’Ingegnere Italiano is the house organ of CNI (Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri, see related post). The twin I of the headline has given the possibility to enhance the CNI corporate. We have used only two colors, red and black, and two typefaces, Bodoni and Franklin. Here is the first issue (september 2012) with the new look designed together with Armando Milani.

ing ita 1

design per 2011 international graphic design week

The theme of the 2011 International Graphics Week was “Trame e Tessuti” (“Textures and fabrics”). The event took place in Sardinia (with AGI sponsorship), a land of great textile traditions. The poster (1) can be anamorphically read in the horizontal (2) and vertical (3) directions interlacing weft and warp. In one direction, TRAME E TESSUTI, in the other, AIAP DESIGN PER 2011CAGLIARI.