international summer school of architecture

During the first two weeks of september, 2012, the University of Cagliari, Faculty of Architecture, together with the Carbonia-Iglesias Province administration, organized an international summer school of architecture, focusing on the wild nature and ancient history of the Sulcis. A place were the hard work underground, into the coal and silver mines or on the sea, in the tuna fishing boats, show an extraordinary strength and pathos. Many international Masters of architecture, art, photography (Eduardo Souto de Moura, Hans Kollhoff, Jannis Kounellis, Mimmo Jodice among them) taught how to preserve wildlife and history suggesting a way to sustainable economic development. Here are shown some graphic works designed for the event.

locandina souto 50x70

IMG_5593b IMG_5594b IMG_5595bIMG_5598b

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