design lecture in milan, castello sforzesco

When I saw my name along with many of my tutelary deities, I cannot believe it. It was a strong emotion. Francesco Dondina reserved ​​me an immense honor. On October 14th, I will give a talk about my works in Milan, at Castello Sforzesco. Organized under the patronage of the Milan Polytechnic, AIAP, and Bauer Institute, it is part of a series of six events taking place from late September to December.


food carpet with roberto petza

A few months ago, during a meeting with the great starred chef Roberto Petza, I had the idea of a food tapestry. A carpet made of Sardinian food from appetizers to desserts, prepared as a large and colored finger-food table. Roberto (I had already designed for him a typographic tapestry, a “typestry”), welcomed the project with enthusiasm. From this meeting came a performance that took place at the MAN in Nuoro, Sardinia’s most important museum for contemporary art, on June 26th. Roberto Petza cooked for ninety guests an extraordinary sequence of incredible flavors, then placing them with a remarkable graphic awareness. Framing Roberto’s work, four of my typographical tapestries were exhibited on the walls. For the occasion, I also designed the table with a trapezoidal section, a strong and white solid wood. The result was fantastic, both for the eyes and the palate. We will repeat this experience for the opening week of Sardinia all’Expo2015, in Milan, on September 11th.

imagepatternpetza asili carpetpetza asili carpet 2