great mother sheep / tribute to nivola

I could not sleep and counting sheep. Counting them I realized something. I realized that the sheep is the real Great Mother of Sardinia. She fed the island for millennia. We have 3 million, double the Sardinians. And I thought of the Great Mothers by Antine Nivola, inspired by prehistoric mothers. How to put together these two concepts? It was easy. The Great Mothers of Nivola have almost the same shape of a large sheep, with a long and narrow head. I’m still working on it, but already imagine big white sheeps immersed in the sunny countryside of the island, such as totems, such as the large black Osborne bulls in Spain. A perfect symbol for Sardinia. They deserve it, the sheep. We owe her a lot. (photo by Beata Lenkiewicz Photography).

10974278_597436690391104_8388388123181029415_onivola 1nivola 2IMG_3809ovis mater sardiniaepecora osborne