TheShukran, social network

In 2014/2015 I worked at the launch of a new social network dedicated to the Islamic world. A strong effort to “give peace a chance”. Together with the team, I found the name, TheShukran (shukran is the Arabic word for  thanks) starting from the concept of thanksgiving as a strong form of interaction between people. I designed the logo, a Hand of Fatima (set in the horizontal/human direction) inscribed in an eight-pointed star, and a circle in the center symbolizing the world. The symbol drove also to the motto The world is in our hands, which expresses the desire for fellowship and sharing. Then I worked on the graphic of the first interface. I produced posters made with patterns based solely on the logo elements; propaganda posts against bombing, to improve help and assistance to immigrants, to promote human rights and for the self-production of the social network. I finally conceived, written, designed and directed two videos: one of self-production (animation made by Carlo Turri), the other in occasion of the Ramadan (animated by Claudio Rossi).

presentazione milano quasi def 38the shukran logo defSchermata 2016-06-18 alle 10.04.45sh1sh3thsh mockup 1icona-video-shuk-per-sito-asili

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