barigadu visual identity

The Barigadu is an extraordinary territory, a heart of water in the middle of Sardinia. The landscape is dominated by nature and by the rivers that surround it like a treasure chest. As a brand, I chose a brace, unifying and simple to use: it is the recurring architectural frieze of Aragonese Gothic, wich can be seen on windows and doors of many local historical heritage. The same shape of the eagle wing and of the deer horn. It keeps jealously what it contains, as the rivers protect the land. A sign of separation, but that juts out as a double human profile to establish a communication with the outside. I combined it with a modern and essential typeface, Maven, in a newly designed stencil version developed together with Claudio Rossi. Among the first realizations, I designed the railing of the elementary school in Neoneli, where the letters of the alphabet and other diacritics become iron tapestries that shot lighting laces on the steps. The corten steel artwork has been made by BAM, Nuoro.

ispirazioni neoneli ridbarigadu logo per sito ringhiera neoneli

teatro lirico di cagliari / gli stivaletti

And this is the last poster for the 2014 season of the Teatro Lirico in Cagliari. Gli Stivaletti is a work by Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij. It’s a complicated story, where the Devil and a pair of boots owned by the Empress appear among the main elements. The work takes place between Ukraine and St. Petersburg. I have imagined a pair of boots, whose shape draws the Devil’s horns, embroidered with a golden typical Ukrainian pattern.


la vita, per esempio / associazione malik

This year the theme of the event “I libri aiutano a leggere il mondo” (The books help to read the world) as always perfectly organized by Laura Pisu and the Associazione Malik, was entitled “La vita, per esempio” (Life, for example). Stories of exemplary lives, and often little-known of some of the protagonists of international culture. I designed this poster in which the index of a hand shows the life line of another hand – not of the same person, as you can see.


teatro lirico di cagliari / tosca + la traviata

Two more posters for the Teatro Lirico di Cagliari. The first is Tosca by Giacomo Puccini. I represented the suicide of Tosca at dawn from the walls of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, such as the fall of the angel who stands on the rampart. The sword that follows the fall has the size of a dagger, one with which is killed Scarpia. The second is for La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi. The violet, whose name is the same of the main character who dies of tuberculosis, shows ribs which intertwine to draw the lungs.


teatro lirico di cagliari / il flauto magico / die zauberflöte

“The Magic Flute” (Die Zauberflöte), by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is a complex work in which the esoteric symbolism pervade the whole structure. Mozart belonged to the Masons, and the goal of knowledge, the light that illuminates the darkness of ignorance, is here rendered by the iridescent colors of the spectrum, seven for the seven notes and seven holes in the golden flute, forming seven triangles that light up the dark. The scenario of the Opera is Egypt, so that the triangles could be seen also as the Pyramids. The poster is also a tribute to Armando Milani’s famous work for the Library of Alexandria (The light of Culture).