typocarpet at biennale architettura venezia 2018

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Some month ago I was asked to design a carpet for the Italian Pavillion at Biennale Architettura 2018, Venice. It is a part of a project of five selected by Mario Cucinella, the italian curator for the present edition. Here you can see the realized carpet (by Mariantonia Urru) and the project, showing the title “Arcipelago Italia”, in colour, and “Biennale Venezia” in black letters.

[ Alcuni mesi fa mi è stato chiesto di progettare un tappeto per il Padiglione Italia alla Biennale Architettura di Venezia 2018. Eccolo: è parte di uno dei cinque progetti selezionati da Mario Cucinella, il curatore del padiglione. Qui si può vedere il tappeto realizzato (da Mariantonia Urru) e il progetto, nel quale sono leggibili le scritte “Arcipelago Italia”, colorata, e Biennale Venezia, in nero. ]


sardinia pavillion at expo 2015 milan

During the Expo Milano 2015, two groups from DADU Alghero (coordinated by Nicolò Ceccarelli, with Marco Sironi and Attilio Baghino) and DICAAR Cagliari (coordinated by me) have developed the exhibit design of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia pavilion during the week dedicated to the island. We meet very strong constraints: everything had to be assembled and dismantled in six hours, had to be reusable, must coexist with many fixed and unchangeable parts. Sardinia Dingbats are used in a stencil version for a specially designed shelter entrance, for backlight walls and to drill stools, inside which essences were inserted. On the walls, a horizontal slot contained a smelling Helichrysum. The rectangular module guided the conceptualization of the sea, through a suspended installation inspired by Calder’s mobiles. The central video wall formed colorful tapestries, animated by the group of Alghero, who also created the movies and the music that flowed on the monitors. Daniela Ducato contributed with textural natural panels, used as artworks on the walls. A golden female note was added by Cristiana Collu, which included hundreds of elegantly serial cowbells. During the inauguration, Roberto Petza has proposed again the food carpet with great success.

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international summer school of architecture

During the first two weeks of september, 2012, the University of Cagliari, Faculty of Architecture, together with the Carbonia-Iglesias Province administration, organized an international summer school of architecture, focusing on the wild nature and ancient history of the Sulcis. A place were the hard work underground, into the coal and silver mines or on the sea, in the tuna fishing boats, show an extraordinary strength and pathos. Many international Masters of architecture, art, photography (Eduardo Souto de Moura, Hans Kollhoff, Jannis Kounellis, Mimmo Jodice among them) taught how to preserve wildlife and history suggesting a way to sustainable economic development. Here are shown some graphic works designed for the event.

locandina souto 50x70

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