We just delivered the new image manual for the Region of Sardinia. The work lasted a year and a half, was conducted by the Schools of Architecture of the University of Cagliari and Alghero, and has produced the first results for Expo 2015. It is divided into two volumes: the first is a study on crafts patterns typical of Sardinia, their standardization and their redesign  through new typefaces and figurative elements. The second is a standard manual, necessary for the correct application of the visual identity.



A decoration all made of 1 and 0, the two digits of the binary system. I designed this way (with Claudio Rossi, Matteo Buccoli and Francesca Oggiano ) graphics and signage system for the new Library of the Faculty of Engineering of Cagliari, designed by arch. Pier Francesco Cherchi. The colors are the same of furnishings, and there is a little surprise when the sliding glass doors open and close: the overlapping of 1 and 0 composes the word “biblio”.



In June 2016 I designed the new visual identity for the Botanical Garden at the University of Cagliari. The Hortus Botanicus Karalitanus (HBK) is a beautiful place of extraordinary scientific interest. Its architecture was designed 150 years ago by architect Gaetano Cima. Today is a huge urban park that connects the Roman Amphitheater archaeological area with Cagliari downtown. The logo shows the capital letters HBK with a fractal generative structure that could be developed – I often love to do it – into plausible vegetable structures and patterns.

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In June 2016 I designed a poster for a conference on the new frontiers of implant dentistry. I made a typographic work using the color of the gums and mouth tissues. The void areas were deformed to resemble instruments and dental implants.

poster caruso c

In 2014/2015 I worked at the launch of a new social network dedicated to the Islamic world. A strong effort to “give peace a chance”. Together with the team, I found the name, TheShukran (shukran is the Arabic word for  thanks) starting from the concept of thanksgiving as a strong form of interaction between people. I designed the logo, a Hand of Fatima (set in the horizontal/human direction) inscribed in an eight-pointed star, and a circle in the center symbolizing the world. The symbol drove also to the motto The world is in our hands, which expresses the desire for fellowship and sharing. Then I worked on the graphic of the first interface. I produced posters made with patterns based solely on the logo elements; propaganda posts against bombing, to improve help and assistance to immigrants, to promote human rights and for the self-production of the social network. I finally conceived, written, designed and directed two videos: one of self-production (animation made by Carlo Turri), the other in occasion of the Ramadan (animated by Claudio Rossi).

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