barigadu visual identity

The Barigadu is an extraordinary territory, a heart of water in the middle of Sardinia. The landscape is dominated by nature and by the rivers that surround it like a treasure chest. As a brand, I chose a brace, unifying and simple to use: it is the recurring architectural frieze of Aragonese Gothic, wich can be seen on windows and doors of many local historical heritage. The same shape of the eagle wing and of the deer horn. It keeps jealously what it contains, as the rivers protect the land. A sign of separation, but that juts out as a double human profile to establish a communication with the outside. I combined it with a modern and essential typeface, Maven, in a newly designed stencil version developed together with Claudio Rossi. Among the first realizations, I designed the railing of the elementary school in Neoneli, where the letters of the alphabet and other diacritics become iron tapestries that shot lighting laces on the steps. The corten steel artwork has been made by BAM, Nuoro.

ispirazioni neoneli ridbarigadu logo per sito ringhiera neoneli