Many years ago – it was 2003 – I patented a logo that seemed a good idea. It associated emoticons to Sardinia. In fact, the sequence (:+:) could be read either as the connection of two smiley faces, both as the stylization of the coat of arms of the Four Moors, emblem of the island. Like all emoticons, it was invariant with respect to the typeface used. Anyone who wants to send a message marked Sardinia could use it as a kind of hashtag. It can be used without parentheses – at its most basic version – or within square brackets – to imitate the rectangle of the flag. And, of course, can be declined in all other variants which have inside in sequence : + : to act as a communicative bit. Today I will propose it again as a gift. I make it public because people could use it. The only restriction is that this logo can’t be used for commercial pourposes by privates, or owned by anyone (except by me, as intellectual property, of course). It can be used only as a common good. I will not keep it to myself. I want to give it to all the Sardinians and all people who love Sardinia.


sardinia gift